Upcoming Course: “Sound and Vision”

Next Fall, I’ll be teaching a new ENGL 1101 course at Georgia Tech. The assignment description follows:

Sound and Vision

In this class, we’ll explore what James Joyce’s Stephen Dedalus called the “ineluctable modality of the audible” and the “ineluctable modality of the visible.” Sound and vision have historically been emphasized as the two major sites of perception and have competed with each other for metaphorical primacy in the language of philosophers. In this class, we’ll do our best to move beyond the idea of sound and vision as subordinate vehicles for content that actually matters—rather, we’ll consider sound as sound and image as image. Discussion will be situated in recent debates in sound studies and visual culture studies, and students will work to make projects that reflect on sound, silence, sight, and image. We’ll ask what we find when we really listen and really look. As the late David Bowie asked in the song from which the course draws its name, “Don’t you wonder sometimes / ‘Bout sound and vision?”

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