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Podcast Episode About Laughter and William Carlos Williams

Last spring, my colleague Lauren Neefe recorded an interview with me about my work on sound, machine learning, and laughter. After the interview, she edited the interview into the first episode of Flash Readings, a podcast that showcases the research of the Marion L. Brittain Fellows at Georgia Tech. The podcast is now up at TECHStyle, our online forum for digital pedagogy and research.

Each episode of Flash Readings focuses on a particular sound in relation to a Brittain Fellow’s research. The episode featuring my research, titled “Laughter Worth Reading, focuses on two instances of laughter on recordings of William Carlos Williams’s “This Is Just To Say,” and in the episode I consider the difference such laughter makes in terms how audiences perceive poems and on how critics should interpret them.  It also gestures toward the work I’ve been doing in the wake of the HiPSTAS Institute.

Modernisms: A Pecha-Kucha Compendium

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I’ve set up a simple web site that brings together the pecha-kuchas from my American Modernisms course this semester. My hope is that other students will be able to add to the videos posted on the site in semesters come and that eventually the compendium can become a resource for beginning students of modernism. The collection hosted at the site now has a few of the concepts, events, and isms that shaped modernism, but I hope that in time its coverage will be more widespread. The site is hosted here.


Student Pecha-Kucha on the Armory Show

My-Anh Nguyen, a student in my modernisms course this semester, put together this terrific pecha-kucha on the Armory Show. Other students, who presented on impressionism, primitivism, surrealism, decadence, ragtime, and cubism, will be uploading their videos soon, and I’ll begin to incorporate them into a separate web site. For the time being, though, I’ll post them here.

Pecha Kucha Compendium Assignment and Sample Pecha Kucha on Dada

My upper-level “American Modernisms” course is in the midst of an assignment that tries to use pecha-kucha presentations productively in a literature classroom, an idea I initially thought about last spring. Each student has selected a modernism-related term and will develop a pecha-kucha about that term and its relation to the course content.

Once all the students have presented, they’ll record them and add them to a compendium of pecha-kuchas about modernism-related terms. There are only seven students in my class this Fall, so it’s a small group, but I’m looking forward to their p-ks on impressionism, decadence, cubism, surrealism, primitivism, the Armory Show, and ragtime.

To show them how the assignment would work, I prepared this pecha kucha on Dada: