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Pecha-Kucha on Pentametron

In the last six months, I’ve been working the Twitter Bot Pentametron, which finds tweets incidentally written in iambic pentameter, pairs them into rhymed couplets, and retweets them into followers’ feeds. I’m interested in Pentametron because of the way it finds poetry in the language of digital culture, invents a crowdsourced form of algorithmic authorship,  and overlaps with the concerns of conceptual poetry and Flarf.

I presented on Pentametron at the Textual Machines Symposium at the University of Georgia last spring and at the Association for the Study of the Arts of the Present conference in Greenville, SC this fall.

My students are presenting pecha kuchas this semester in my course on Digital Culture, and I put together this sample pecha kucha that distills some of my ideas on Pentametron into a 20-slide, 6:40 presentation. The presentation can be viewed below.