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Our purpose is to “map” certain themes of Peter Pan onto a map Neverland and to explore these themes in relation to the historical context out of which the novel originates, namely the Victorian era. The map would enable easier engagement with themes of the novel, making them more memorable. Our primary target readership would be other students who are interested in literary scholarship of novel in terms of historical significance as opposed to just simple textual analysis. A beginning reader/researcher could gain a better understanding of the story through a historical lens. We hope to learn about the way the novel interacts with social, cultural, and political views of the time period contemporary to its publication.

Authors of this Site: Nick Koutris, Chaney Hambrick, Corinthia Evans, Kaye Marie Ferguson, John Burns

A Note on Copyright: With the exception of the works used for research, all of the materials we used (pictures, etc.) are in the public domain. All works have been cited on the page in which they were used.

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