Fine Print

Absence Policy: You are allowed 3 absences. Except for special circumstances listed below there are no excused or unexcused absences in this class. Absences are to be used at your discretion. If you are absent more than the class limit, your grade will be reduced 1/3 of a letter grade for each absence (B+ to B, for example). Even if you miss class, your assignments are due on the specified due dates. If you miss class, you should do your best to come to office hours or schedule a meeting with me to catch up.

Absences for Athletics Competition: University policy excuses absences for athletic competition. If you miss three class meetings on account of sports travel, however, you have already used the 3 allowed absences—you don’t get 3 “freebies” beyond your sports travel. To be excused for sports travel, you must both (a) bring me the letter supplied by the athletics office at the beginning of the semester and (b) email me before class to let me know that you will be missing a class section so we can make arrangements for you to make up any assignments missed.

Participation: This class is structured around discussion. The class depends on your active participation and willingness to share your writing and feedback with classmates.

Tardiness: Be on time. A habit of lateness will hurt your final grade.

Turning in Papers: Assignments during the semester will posted to the blog. To receive credit for the email feedback assignment, you must cc me on the email.

Late Work: Since so much of our in-class work will revolve around assignments due on particular days, late work will affect both your paper grade and your participation grade.

Collab Texts: You are expected to print and bring to class all readings from Collab unless I specify otherwise.

Honor Policy: It is your responsibility to familiarize yourself with the University of Virginia’s honor code, which is described fully on the Honor Committee’s web site. Your work must be your own.

Cell phones and laptops in class: Please silence your cell phones and leave them in your pockets throughout class. It will often be useful for you to bring a laptop to class, but I will ask you to put away your laptop away if it becomes a distraction.

Email: Email is the primary way I will communicate with you. I will expect you to have read and understood any emails I have sent before class.

Computer excuses: Since much of your work in this course will take the form of blog posts, we may encounter technical glitches along the way. You should, however, begin your work early enough that we can work through problems before due dates. Make sure you keep copies of your online work offline.

Learning needs & disabilities: All students with special needs requiring accommodations should present the appropriate paperwork from the Learning Needs and Evaluation Center (LNEC). It is the student’s responsibility to present this paperwork in a timely fashion and follow up with the instructor about the accommodations being offered.

PseudonymsIf you are uncomfortable with using your name in relation to this class online, you may adopt a pseudonym for your online work.