Short Blog Post 4

In blog posts 1, 2, and 3, we focused on self-contained analysis of passages from the texts at hand. In blog post 4, we’ll begin thinking about some of these texts in relation to each other.

Select a short passage from the text at hand, and connect it/compare it to a passage from a text we’ve already read. You can use this comparison to look at how two authors deal with a similar theme/concept/idea, or you can use it to get more precisely to what makes an author’s style distinctive. The point of comparison is up to you–you might want to think about how, say, Faulkner begins a story in comparison to how Welty does, or how Williams conceives of a line of poetry  in comparison to Ginsberg.

By comparing the passage at hand to one from another author/text, you might well get a better sense of what is distinctive about both authors/texts.

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