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Short Blog Post 2 – Modernist Journals Project


  • What is the primary purpose of this project?

The primary purpose of this project is to provide a resource for people who are studying modernism in the English-speaking world. The site gives the public easy access to digital editions of magazines that were culturally significant in the early 1900s.

  • What does this project hope to do that a print resource (a book/books, a journal article, a reference work, etc.) couldn’t?

This project is trying to make a set of magazines readily available to the public by putting them all online on one website. It makes the material easier to find and much easier to access. By putting it online, a person can read it on their laptop, smart phone, or iPad in any place that they have Internet connection. This is much more convenient than having to track down these magazines from the early 20th century.

  • What is distinctive/notable about this project’s approach to its subject matter?

The subject matter for this project is really interesting and not something I’ve ever seen before. This project provides access to magazine publications from the early 20th century. When you download the PDF, you are essentially looking at the actual magazine itself in photograph form. It is more interesting to me that way because the site does not just provide a text of articles in the magazine but also a visual of the magazine. That gives you a better feel for what magazines were like.

  • How would this site/project be useful to scholars doing research?

The database for searching their catalogue of magazines was very helpful and made the material easy to navigate. Instead of getting lost in a list of endless publications, you can simply search the key word of what you’re looking for and browse through only the material that is useful to you.

  • Is this project designed such that it might reach a broader audience/readership than scholars doing research?

As mentioned before, the PDF is not unlike a magazine that you can download in iTunes and view on a phone or iPad. If someone is interested in modernism but isn’t necessarily a scholar wanting to read academic papers then I would say they would really enjoy this site. It provides both information and entertainment.

  • Are there any aspects of this projects approach that might be useful to the project groups in our class as they conceive of, design, and implement a significantly smaller-scale digital project?

I think that this format would work particularly well on a project that centers around a book that the author has also drawn pictures that go with the text (such as in The Little Prince) or a poet who has written their poetry by hand (such as Emily Dickenson).