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Blog Post #2: Mapping the Lakes


Mapping the Lakes: A literary GIS attempts to further the understanding of Gray’s Journal and Coleridge’s tour by using the Geographic Information System in order to open up the spatial thinking of these geo-specific texts. It hopes to find out more about the writer-specific, the geo-specific, and the conceptual/theoretical. Not only did they post maps of each journey separately, they also offer comparative maps, which deepens one understanding of how the area influenced the account.

Overall, I think that this website is curtailed specifically for scholars and an audience that is very familiar with both Gray’s and Coleridge’s accounts. Unlike some of the other websites that were assigned in class, I do not this that this particular one would grab the attention of unfamiliar browsers. I personally am not familiar at all with both accounts and was very confused with the website. I did not really learn anything, but I did find it interesting what scholars are doing in order to broaden one’s understanding of a literary subject. I think it would be useful if a scholar were trying to do research on that specific subject. It allows one to visualize more deeply, and comparatively, which is sometimes hard to do only through the imagination since they both are talking about very specific locations.

In regards to the literary projects we are going to do in class, I think that this website was very helpful. I think that maps are something that would work well with Alice in Wonderland. It could be used to heighten the experience of Alice’s travels in wonderland. Although it would not be comparing like this website does, I think that it would take use of the most notable aspect of this website, which is the use of maps, no matter how the Alice in Wonderland group decides to use it.