Monday, January 13: Introductions. Young-Hae Chang Heavy Industries, “Dakota” [Online]; Visualizing texts with Wordle [Link] or Tagxedo [Link]; Sample texts to work with: Charles Dickens, Great Expectations [Link]; Gertrude Stein, Melanctha [Link]; Lewis Carroll, Through the Looking-Glass [Link]; James Joyce, Ulysses [Link]; Mark Twain, The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn [Link]; Charlotte Bronte, Jane Eyre [Link]

Wednesday, January 15: E.M. Forster, “The Machine Stops” (1909)  [Online]  In class: Joseph Weizenbaum, “Eliza” (1966) [Online]. Of potential interest: Weizenbaum’s original description of “Eliza” [Online]

Monday, January 20: Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. No class.

Complete tech survey by 10 a.m. on Wednesday, January 22. [Link to tech survey]

Wednesday, January 22: Jorge Luis Borges, “The Library of Babel” (1941) and “The Garden of Forking Paths” [Collab]. Matthew Kirschenbaum, “What Is Digital Humanities and What’s It Doing in English Departments?” [Debates in the Digital Humanities]. Organization of groups for group project.

By Sunday, January 26: Blog post 1, group A [Prompt]

Monday, January 27: The Memex: Vannevar Bush, “As We May Think” (1945) [Online]. In class, we’ll discuss students’ blog posts and look at some examples of student projects from other universities comparable to what I hope you can achieve in your group project.

Wednesday, January 29: I will be out of town on some academic business, but you should still come to class for a group meeting. By the end of class, my hope is that you will have narrowed the group down to a potential focus for the project and brainstormed some possible features.


By Sunday, February 2: Blog post 1, group B [Prompt]

Monday, February 3: Neuromancer, pp. 3-79.

Wednesday, February 5: Neuromancer, pp. 80-156.

By Sunday, February 9: Blog post 2, group A

Monday, February 10Neuromancer, pp. 157-223.

Wednesday, February 12: Neuromancer, pp. 225-271. Check-in about group project proposals,

By Sunday, February 16: Blog post 2, group B

Monday, February 17: Discussion of DH tools from group B blog posts.

Wednesday, February 19. Electronic Literature and early hypertext. Hayles, Electronic Literature, “What is Electronic Literature?” [Collab] Spend some time  with  Judy Malloy, “Uncle Roger” (1986-1988, adapted for HTML 1995-2011) [Online]; Scott Rettberg, William Gillespie, Dirk Stratton, and Frank Marquardt: The Unknown [Online]. In class, we’ll also discuss Stuart Moulthrop, Reagan Library [Online], Judd Morrisey, The Jew’s Daughter [Online], and Michael Joyce, Twelve Blue [Online]

By Sunday, February 23: Blog post 3, both groups A and B. Project groups will collaborate on this one, and each group will post a single collective post.

Monday, February 24: Basic HTML tutorial. Groups will discuss potential features of their sites and we will brainstorm collectively.

Wednesday, February 26: Interactive fiction. from Montfort, Twisty Little Passages [Collab]. Will Crowther and Dan Woods, “Adventure.” Andrew Plotkin, “Dreamhold.” Emily Short, “Galatea.”


By Sunday, March 2, 10 p.m.: Project proposals/plan/contract finalized on group blog.

Monday, March 3: Group presentations of project proposals.

Wednesday, March 5: M.T. Anderson, Feed

March 8-16: Spring Break

Monday, March 17: M.T. Anderson, Feed pp. 1-150.

Wednesday, March 19Feed, 150-finish.

Monday, March 24: Electronic Poetry. Readings TBA.

Wednesday, March 26: Contemporary conceptualism. from Kenneth Goldsmith, Uncreative Writing.  [Collab] In class, examples of uncreative writing.

By Sunday, March 30, 10 p.m.: Have one of your longer blog essays completed.

Monday, March 31: Class canceled.


Wednesday, April 2: Flarf. Gary Sullivan, “The Flarf Files.” Examples of Flarf.

By Sunday, April 6, 10 p.m.: Blog post 4 due, both groups A and B.

Monday, April 7:  WilsonAlif the Unseen 1-103

Wednesday, April 9: Alif the Unseen 104-226

Monday, April 14:  Alif the Unseen 227-338

Wednesday, April 16: Alif the Unseen 339-431

Monday, April 21: 20-minute group presentations

Wednesday, April 23: 20-minute group presentations

Monday, April 28: Wrap-up discussion

Group projects due  April 29, 10 p.m.

By May 1, 10 p.m.: Have both of your longer blog essays completed.

Reflections on group projects due over email by May 4, 10 p.m.