Grey shrimp

The shrimp was grey.

Even meat lovers will appreciate this warm kale and broccoli salad

Late- night milkshakes with Coldplay frontman Chris Martin at the center of rumors

Our Zesty Gumbo is made with juicy pieces of chicken,

The striking yet easy to grow Seashell cosmos flowers are the perfect choice for those looking to go off the beaten path.

Green grass beer isn’t the greatest tasting stuff in the world, but it is edible and nourishing.

That’s how I like my beer, edible and nourishing.

Once the shrimp is half pink and half grey, add in the broccoli and continue to stir.

You can complete the entire meal in minutes.

I have no problem eating shrimp ceviche once it turns pink, nor eating sweet shrimp sushi, yet this had me hesitant. The shrimp was grey.

I hate grey.


I wrote this flarf poem by simply googling shrimp.  I was going to cook some shrimp this weekend and decided to look up some new recipes.  I then spliced pieces of the recipes and added in my own lines throughout.  It was much like cooking.  You take something that is raw and you work it out until you have something new and different.  The poem was just segments until they were placed to make a whole.

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