Flarf Poem: I’m Paul Simon, and you’re not

lol Chevy Chase

Chevy looks like my Uncle…

Chevy Chase sort of looks like John Cleese.

Omg he soo looks and reminds me of Will Ferrell !!!!


How tall is Chevy Chase?

I can’t tell if Chevy Chase is a giant or if Paul is tiny

I spent the first few years of my life thinking Paul Simon was tall.

Paul’s so short beside Chevy

i never realized how tall chevy chase is

Chevy chase is a giant


I wonder if Mr. Chase was the “class clown” back in his younger days?

Paul Simon looks and is infinitely cooler and more genius than Chevy Chase ever was

its chevy chase dumb asses

take that negativity somewhere else man, there’s no need

What a shame that is; Paul’s pissed.


After our class discussion about the publicity of comments on open media blogs such as YouTube, I decided that I would gather my flarf content string of a song. The poem above was built entirely from comments of the music video of Paul Simon’s You Can Call me Al. I chose the song randomly by shuffling through a playlist with hundreds of songs.  As I was reading the lengthy list of responses to the video, I noticed a trend. The topic of many of the comments had nothing to do with the song, but rather Chevy Chase who co-stars in the video with Paul Simon. I pulled as many comments about Chevy Chase as I could find, and re-organized them to sound more like a thought process or conversation, while keeping the original punctuation and words.

2 thoughts on “Flarf Poem: I’m Paul Simon, and you’re not”

  1. I really like how you took Flarf, which is usually considered to be random and meaningless, and arranged it in a way to sound like a normal and conventional poem. By using YouTube as your method of creating your poem, I actually think you still maintain to incorporate Flarfian elements, since the users posting these comments are extremely random and do not intend to produce a meaningful argument or point, rather, are just mere observations or reminders of arbitrary moments and facts.

  2. I can’t believe that there were so many comments about Chevy Chase. It really made me laugh, especially since Chevy Chase was not even singer in the song, he was just in the video. It is interesting how sometimes people worldwide all get hooked with a certain aspect, something that the maker never intended to happen.

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