Short Blog Post 3: Country Night Summer

He’s taking a sideways stroll down a country road

Come summer, the Land of the Midnight

Take time to enjoy the wonder

What if you knew you only had one chance?

Love is my religion


Slow nights, summer love

He comes by his country influences naturally

Seamless background, Cartoon landscape

enhanced by a solid oak, race track style dance floors

Enjoyed by young and old alike

Music transcending all ages


Old Country, New Country,

Barbecues, pool parties, long days, warm nights

Lots of sun, its summer nights, babe!

Life’s too short to live in the past

My name is Summer, since you didn’t ask


These are the moments we can share

Come on let me take you there

You say you wanna see the city lights

They shine so bright

Before you go you need to know

Think it over before you turn the page


Artist’s Statement: My approach for writing this Flarf poem was (as discussed in class) to source the Internet with three random terms and refine the descriptions of the search results to create a work of writing. In addition, I clicked on several of the links and copied phrases that stood out to me, such as a lyrical line or title.


One thought on “Short Blog Post 3: Country Night Summer”

  1. Your flarf poem really gave me a new perspective on this method of writing. Since in class we saw mostly humorous examples, I thought it could really only be used to create nonsense. But the way you have done it, using three related and normal words, has allowed for more normal search returns, and therefore you have been able to rearrange them in a way that I actually consider to be very artful. In high school I had an assignment where I had to create a “culled poem,” which was taking various lines of a book and rearranging them into a poem that shed light on a theme in the book. I thought it was a pretty neat assignment, and your version of Flarf reminds me of that!

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