Short Blog Post #3 (Flarf): Yr Basketball Flood (Head Fits Already)

…you could’ve taken a pen
yeah, regret it.
i hear the author intended a champion
employees clad in Holly, Michigan
might slip in a Pilgrim and looking to Google
I go to THE extra threat.

I go to find something along now.
Nothing gets done around you.
I was an envelope sitting on the definitions in my life.
First hour’s courtesy of childhood.

Deal with a tube of toothpaste onto the floor.
oh you wanna fight about it
Is it customary to round up
the fact that I can make it
a slice of being a cheap bastard
Because I’m either at work or in a HUGE SALE today.

Still examining my existence
probably on accident.


I used that app┬áthat takes your Facebook statuses and combines them into new ones to work out each line of this poem. I didn’t use the whole status combination for each line, just bits that I found either oddly interesting or needlessly overwrought. The title of this post was every song I was listening to on Spotify that had four or more words in their titles. I used the fourth word of each song’s title until I felt like I wasn’t making any sense. It’s kind of funny I actually had to deliberately remind myself to spew nonsense.

One thought on “Short Blog Post #3 (Flarf): Yr Basketball Flood (Head Fits Already)”

  1. The “What Would I Say App” was a great choice for a flarf piece. I find it humorous because everything that the app generates is somehow something that you said on Facebook but when it is mashed up it can either hit the mark of your personality or be taken way out of context.

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