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Google Maps, created in 2005, has allowed us an actual sense of where things are exactly in the world from thousands of miles away. It’s become so ubiquitous that it’s hard to imagine a life without it. I’m sure you’ve needed to go somewhere in the city and wondered about parking, so you’ve used the Street View capability to see where parking spots are in the area. Did you ever need to find your way around a new area for a morning jog? You can select the “walking” option rather than the “car” option. If you wanted to take a certain highway or side road, different from the one suggested to you, you can draw in a new line over the path you would like to take and adjust your route. Already, the significant advantages we have with access to Google Maps at a desktop and especially on our mobile devices are astounding.

Of course, the possibilities are endless with an application like this. For example, you can check out Google Moon and Google Mars to zoom in on these extra-terrestrial surfaces. There is such great access to seeing whatever building in the world we desire, that there was even concern over potentially threatening usage of Google Maps. Certain high security places like the White House are actually burred out. At the same time, though, North Korea is completely open and visible with Google Maps. (

Google Maps has even been used to create art. The Grammy-winning, Arcade Fire, won great recognition for their first interactive music video with their song, “We Used to Wait.” To begin this you first enter the address of your childhood home. I don’t want to give it away, but you are basically led to the streets of your childhood with the help of Google Maps. Check it out – it’s pretty spectacular.

Arcade Fire Interactive

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