Drupal is a free open source software package that allows for people to publish their content to the internet.  One of the first and most interesting things about it is the fact that it is open source.  This means that it is free to download and you are have access to the programs code.  This openness allows for people to create and improve upon the program.  Another example of this can be seen in the operating system Linux.


Drupal started in 1999 as a simple software message board and the community around it quickly grew.  It has become more popular with time and is not one of the major content providers on the internet.  Everyone from small businesses to major companies use it to create and display content.


The basic uses of Drupal include stander web layout, user account systems, User account maintenance, menu arrangement, RSS feeds and system administration.  It provides all of the basic tools needed to create a functional website.


One of its major draws much like WordPress is its accessibility.  One does not to be a codeing expert or complete computer wiz to use Drupal.  It is easily accessible to the average computer user, yet it can still be used to a higher function by more expensed computer users.

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