The project plan/schedule/contract

I’ve added description of the group project plan to our assignments page.

The plan should be a collaborative document your group works on together. During the initial writing process, you might used a shared Google Document, but eventually, this plan will be posted to your group’s WordPress site. The document should have five basic components:

    • A mission statement. Articulate your group’s purpose in pursuing this digital project (beyond fulfilling the course requirement). What do you imagine as a user group/readership for your project? How would it add to a beginning reader/researcher’s knowledge on the topic? What do you as a group hope to learn as you pursue the project?
    • Existing resources/”competition”, both digital and traditional. What resources do readers have to better understand the text in question now? What do they offer already, and how can what you offer be different? Which versions of the text are available to readers online? What has your group discovered about print resources for exploring the text in question?
    • Group organization plan. How will your group make decisions? How will you manage tasks? If you are dividing responsibilities, how are you dividing them? What does the group expect of each of its members?
    • Tools. Discussion of the digital tools your group will use as you pursue the project. What tools would you use in an ideal world? How much will you need to learn? Why are the tools you’ve chosen the right ones for your project?
    • Detailed plan and timeline. What components will the site include? What do you expect each component to look like? What will be the process for completing each component? What are the milestones toward completion your group is setting for itself? If the group is unable to complete the initial plan fully, which aspects of the site will be enough to represent a finished project of which the group can be proud?

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