Truth of Fact/Feeling, Ted Chiang

Lucas Muller’s response video



I chose to speak about the ways in which this article influenced my reflections about technology¬†largely due to my¬†technology-centered upbringing by a father who devoted his life to the study of engineering. Having observed the positive and negative effects that modernization has had on people, I found Ted Chiang’s article represented of the way in which I draw my own boundaries in the matter. In the video I wanted to convey my beliefs that technology should be wielded as a tool for our betterment rather than have technology actually replace some of our human functions. However, to truly go into the matter I would have needed more time. I should have condensed my facts to account for this, and feel as though my speech were a little drawn out and un-specific. In addition to this, I feel as though I under-exploited the visual and nonverbal techniques offered in speeches. On the positive side, I did try to provide an example of a controversial issue in modern society to connect my stance to the hesitant one taken by Ted Chiang in his article.

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