Truth of Fact / Feeling Response video

If I had more time to thoroughly plan and shoot the video, I would have chose walk around while I talked and I would have had somebody help shoot the video for me. I think this would give it a better visual effect on the video; the current video is just a “talking head” and there is not much to it. I think adding a dynamic backdrop would make the video more interesting and more engaging for the viewer to watch. Even without the dynamic background, some of the challenges of producing the video included the mistakes of oral delivery and visual presentation. I found that I made oral mistakes many times even with a script; this resulted in me doing multiple takes just to get a clean run. This is different from an essay since the amount of work completed in an essay is cumulative even when mistakes are made but when shooting a video, starting over is usually necessary for a polished end product. As far as visual presentation, the formatting of the essay and the font plays a large part in the visual presentation but there are many more elements to a video presentation.

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