JeremyCai_Reflection on TFTF


When I first started to read the story, I was confused about intention of author. I didn’t understand the purpose of writing two separate stories holding the opposite values. However, two stories eventually boiled down to the idea that there is no exact right or wrong because everyone has their own standards about what’s the right and the appropriate things to do.

One of the major challenges I faced was to speak English in front of the camera and convey my ideas accurately and fluently. Even though sometimes I can type down my ideas in the computer, I couldn’t explain it correctly while speaking.

If I had more time to complete my video, I would definitely make a skit instead of a plain speech because stories and musics will help deliver my ideas and it would be more fun to watch the video. In my opinion, the most important thing that makes a video a video is that we need to have a theme in the video and ¬†an effective way to enfold it before people’s eyes.


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