TFTF Video response: Devan Sconzo

What does the story tell you about your own relationship with technology?

Post Video Reflection

It was not difficult to think about a topic to base my video on. The issue was choosing one topic to focus on because I felt like there were so many related reading topics I could have discussed. I considered using an anecdote of how I lost a camera I had when I was ten, then I found it again about 6 years later. I watched all of the videos with my family and it made all of us happy and it brought back so many memories we had naturally forgotten. I was going to use this example as to why Remem might be a good thing but ultimately decided against it.

There were many challenges in producing the video, even simple things such as camera placement. I was worried that it would look to much like I was reading off a script and tried to look into the camera as much as possible. I also wanted to keep a casual attitude so that viewers would feel comfortable when watching my video.

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