TFTF response

I chose my prompt (What does the story tell you about your relationship with technology) because it jumped out at me the most. Personally I love technology and integrating it into my life (I am a CS major).  Because of that, the story as a whole seemed very relevant.

The details from my life that I included were simply the ones that came to mind first. They were the aspects of my relationship to technology that are strongest and most relevant.

I shot the video on my laptop’s webcam and I put some effort into positioning the camera a bit higher and adjusting the lighting. I also typed up my response and positioned the text editor to be as close to the top of my screen (and to the webcam) as possible to reduce the effect of my eyes reading the script.

Given more time to finish the video I would’ve polished the script a bit more and shot the video with a better camera and more lighting. Brighter lighting and a smaller depth of field on the camera would produce a nicer and less distracting image. Any kind of external microphone would be better than the built in microphone on my laptop.

When writing my script for the video I purposely thought to “dumb down” my language to better resemble conversational English. The video aspect of the assignment required a different mindset and really showed the difference between verbal and written language.

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