TFTF Response Video

Here is my TFTF Response Video! I, uh… don’t know what else to say, other than that.

I focused the video on the question I found related most to my persona. I am very connected to the Internet, and as an avid MMO gamer, the question of how I portray myself on the web is constantly called into question. While I didn’t include specifics of my personal life in the video, the information I presented had very much to do with my Facebook activites, as well as my behaviors on gaming media such as Xbox Live and the Playstation Network.

One major point I thought about when I was making this video was my long distance e-relationship with my ex-girlfriend, and how, like on video games, how my integrity and trustworthiness were called into question every minute of the day. However, even if I did have more time to make this video, I feel that I wouldn’t have added any more points, as I was satisfied with what I had included.

The only real challenges I found in making a video over an essay was finding my computer’s integrated video capture software, and writing a script and making it fit into the 90 second time frame. I found making this video much easier to make an essay, as such a writing assignment instills a need to overprepare, and to be self-critical on a far higher level than with a video; I feel more natural and human being able to convey my opinions through speech rather than writing.

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