TFTF Response Video


When I was choosing what to talk about in the video I wrote down a few different topics that had come to mind during my reading of the passage. At first I tried to fit more than one topic into the video but I found that there would be no way for me to go into any depth on multiple topics in a short time, so I chose the topic with the most personal relevance to me. I though about where I would film the video since I did not want any audio or visual distraction, and if I had more time then I would have tried to find a slightly cleaner background then my dorm room. The difference between making a video and just writing a post is that it adds to the emotional part of your argument. The audience can now see your facial expressions and you get to decide the tone and speed words are said with. The biggest challenge in making a video as opposed to writing an essay is that editing is almost impossible. Editing a video would be very time consuming, but editing writing is as easy as erasing a sentence and rewriting it.

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