One thought on “Ted Chiang Video Assignment”

  1. I chose the specific focus of my video to be my own relationship with technology mainly because of a specific line that the author said: “We don’t normally think of it as such, but writing is a technology, which means that a literate person is someone who’s thought processes are technologically mediated.” This line caught my attention because if the fact stated in it is actually true, then my life and a majority of my knowledge come from and revolve around technology. In the video, I pointed out the use of textbooks and how I never question their validity. I included this because of the following: technology has to be invented, and therefore, the words from the text must have also been created, and therefore are subjective. But it’s interesting because I read them as an objective statement, and as a result, I reflect on history as simple facts. In Jijingi’s case, he struggled with the use of written paper versus spoken word. I often struggle with the same thing, for written paper seems so much more official and authoritative. But on the other hand, spoken word is easier to relate to even if it could have been subjectively altered.

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