Response to Ted Chiang’s “The Truth of fact, the Truth of feeling”

My name is Matthew Sharpe and my video is a response to the prompt: How does the story influence your reflections about ways technology mediates relationships



I chose the prompt for my video based on what most strongly affected me from the list of prompts provided.  I attempted to include references to the story and personal reasoning to support my argument. This included subjects that I found most important to note and are not necessarily all of the points I could have made in my defense of my position. I am happy with the quality of the video, even though more time would have definitely aided me in making this video the best it possibly could be. However, I understand that this is most always the case so I cannot complain.

Posting a video is more difficult (in my opinion) than posting an essay. In a video if you mess up, stutter, ramble, or even curse the video  is for the large part ruined and one must redo the entire video from the video. In an essa

The most challenging thing about this assignment was figuring out what to say and how to say it. Finding my position was easy; defending my position eloquently was difficult and I do not believe I achieved the best that I could have. Regardless, I am satisfied with the result of my work.

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