Rebecca’s reflection on TTOFTTOF

What does the story tell you about your own relationship with technology?

My video focuses on my relationship with technology and how I believe that Remem could pose problems in the future. I dislike how society today is so focused on being online which causes everyone’s life stories to be public.  I wanted to emphasize in my video my fears for the future if technology continues advancing and how society could be too caught up in the past instead of investing in their future. An important thing to me while making my video was that I did not want to read off of a piece of paper or a computer screen. Since this is a reflection video, I felt that it was important for the video to seem organic. If I read my thoughts off a piece of paper, I felt it would lose a sense of openly sharing my viewpoint and instead be more authoritative than I had wanted. The difficulty with this method though, is that you need to have a strong idea and timeline for the video before you begin recording.

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