TFTF Response

My Own Relationship With Technology



This topic, my own relationship with technology, jumped out to me more than the other topics because Chiang’s story started me thinking about how I use technology today. I began to realize how much I actually rely on things like apps and reminders to get me through just one day. I focused on the things that mainly applied to me during the video since I felt like that would be the easiest way to express my feelings about the topic.

When I started brainstorming how I would shoot my video, I began taking various things into consideration. The things that we discussed in class helped me get the ball rolling. I chose to dress casually for the video. I also tried to have a good background in my video to minimize distractions so that my audience could focus on my thoughts.

I believe that producing this video was way more difficult than just writing an essay would have been. I had to make sure the setting was nearly perfect for it to turn out decent; there were various factors such as noise, lighting,  volume, and many more. Because I kept messing up, I also had to retake the video many different times, which made the process difficult.

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