Why to Buy a Hybrid Car

Hybrid Car Infographic

Andrew and Stefan

As a group, we decided to use an infographic to make the claim that hybrid cars are a better choice over the conventional automobile. The topic we started with was environmentalism, and then, as we had learned to do from previous assignments, we narrowed down the rather broad topic of environmentalism to specifically the major environmental symbol of the hybrid car. Many people today see hybrid cars as an incredulously over expensive piece of equipment for an only negligible return on the environment. This infographic seeks to bring to light how greatly driving a hybrid car benefits the environment and also how much driving a hybrid actually saves you money as an automobile owner.

The first block of the infographic is a general comparison between the average hybrid car and its average conventional automobile equivalent. The very first argument addressed in this part, and therefore the rest of the infographic, is that the cost difference between a hybrid car and a conventional automobile actually is not very large. The price difference is almost always the first thing on anyone’s mind when thinking about getting a conventional car over a hybrid, and as a result it is the first thing that we address in our infographic. Basic monetary comparisons are made, with a gold dollar sign over on the hybrid side of the chart to help emphasize that driving a hybrid is the way to save money.

The second block provides a more visually appealing chart of how a hybrid car is better than a conventional automobile. The second block draws arrows to each individual part of a car, and then gives a brief caption on how that particular part of the car on a hybrid is better than its conventional equivalent. The picture uses a white car and black arrows and lettering to allow a very easy contrast between the two, in addition to drawing attention to the actual information being displayed because it is a darker color on a brighter green background. We stick to the theme of all black clip art in this block to create an informal structure, and also to prevent distraction from a wide array of different colors.

The last block provides closer to the infographic, finally stating the claim that has been swirling about its text for its entirety. Unlike the block above it, this block has many different colors, illustrating a vibrant environment that is made possible by those that choose to drive hybrid cars. There is also money on the tree and on the bush, making a claim that when you drive a hybrid car, you are saving so much money you’d think it was growing on trees.

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