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Keeping your New Year’s Resolutions


Finished Infographic (2)


At first, our group had a difficult time coming up with a topic we all liked to base our infographic off of. We wanted our purpose to be both informational and helpful to the people who were referencing it. But the same time, we had a feeling most of the other groups were going to create more serious infographics so our plan was to create one that dealt with a more appealing and enthusiastic feel to it. It took us several days to come up with our final theme, having ideas that ranged from “The Art of Procrastinating” and “Burger Eating.” Since the holidays are coming up, it only seemed logical to create an infographic that could relate to the most celebrated time of the year. A struggle that many, if not all of us, go through is creating and keeping a legitimate New Year’s Resolution.

After deciding on a general topic, we spent some time thinking about what the main focus of our infographic would be. Upon realizing that the most common problem that people have pertaining to new year’s resolutions is that they have a hard time keeping them, we came to the conclusion that focusing on how to keep a new year’s resolution would make the most impact as well as cater to a broader audience. New Year’s resolutions are everybody’s way of saying that they are trying to make a new start, turn a new leaf, or do something with their lives. Our infographic is useful to anyone who is currently trying to stay committed to a resolution because our infographic has advice that can help them reach their goal. Our audience includes all people who make a new year’s resolution because it pertains to them and has all the information they need on how to be successful in completing it.

The design of this infographic is supposed to give a positive vibe and encourage a sense of victory or celebration. The way that the colors are boldest at the top draw the viewer’s eyes to the title, or topic, grabbing their interest. From there, the colors and shapes fade off as the infographic starts to focus more heavily on statistics and information. Towards the end, however, the celebratory theme picks up again with the reappearance of the stars. The charts and visuals were also added to aid the viewer in understanding our infographic. Each visual references to some fact, statistic, or piece of advice that is mentioned in its same general area, and as a whole, they make our infographic seem more visually appealing and colorful.