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Experiential Option: “The Truth of Fact, The Truth of Feeling”

I started using Facebook when I was in 6th grade. It was mainly due to peer pressure. A lot of my friends where getting profiles and it seemed like the social thing to do was to make one and chat with people online after school. I was careful to make sure that I never accepted a friend request from someone I didn’t know and never posted any information such as my cell phone number or address.  However, there may be some posts or comments that I made when I was young and immature that were regrettable. Any information shared online is in most ways permanent. Even if it is removed the information from the site, it could still be in the servers or someone could have copied it.

The permanence of the internet and digital data means we rely less on our memory now more than ever. While Ted Chiang’s story goes to extremes with the concept of life logs and Remem, his ideas aren’t entirely off base. Storing contacts on social media accounts means people don’t have to spend precious brain power remembering them, but it also means that everyone else has access to them to, as there is nothing online that is completely secure. It could also mean that our memory function are diminished since we no longer have to strain them to remember so much information. I don’ remember the names of all my friends I had ten years ago or some of the things I did, but Facebook let’s me see what I did 8 years ago when I started using it. What needs to be understood as these can never replace  memory because they don’t come from personal perspective.