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It Just Takes ________ To Be Successful!

What do you think it takes to be successful?  In this lecture, Richard St. John reveals his keys to what it takes to be successful, which you can see pictured above. In order to come up with his keys for success, St. John surveyed hundreds of prosperous people.  St. John simply revealed one key for success and went just a little further in detail on each key throughout the video.

From 0:30 to 0:55, St. John gives an explanation to why he first started researching what it takes to be successful. In this section of the video, he lowers his voice more than in rest of the video. He links his hands together almost imploring you to put yourself in his shoes when giving his story about meeting the underprivileged girl on the plane.  St. John also gives details which were trivial and wouldn’t have changed the main story much if they were left out about the girl that got his mind thinking what it takes to be successful. I believe he gave these details to show that it does not matter where you come from because anyone can be successful.

St. John still keeps a calm voice during the rest of the lecture, but there is interest in his voice. His tone makes you believe that you don’t have to climb one humongous stair to become successful in life but instead eight little steps. He rarely uses gestures; they are mainly apparent when he introducing one of his eight keys. They are different gestures personalized to the trait, but they make it obvious that St. John is revealing a new point. He also raises his voice, puts more intensity in voice, and pauses just a second with every successful trait. This action is to alert the  audience that an important word has just been spoken. St. John also incorporates humor frequently in his lecture to keep the audience’s attention close to his topic. Throughout his video, Richard’s word choice and tone make you forget he’s speaking in front of thousands of people because he seems approachable.

Online Lecture

St. John's Keys To Success
St. John’s Keys To Success

TFTF and Social Media

Now only the first two seconds are missing audio!

After reading the 4 questions that were prompted, the “technology as a medium between relationships” stuck out to me as I immediately thought that a reflection on social media would be simple to do while maintaining an interesting argument.  I’ve had my fair share of problems with social media and communication technology so it turned out to be a solid fit in my opinion.  I wanted to film outside as it was a nice, reasonably quiet Sunday, and it would make for a more relaxed shot.  If I had more time (and better video editing skills) I would have polished the video up, re-filmed numerous times until it was virtually flawless, and redone the script maybe a couple more times.  When shooting, I tried to use as much expression as I could (not one of my fortes, unfortunately) to make it more engaging than a simple blog post.  There were not many challenges in the strictest definition of the word while making this video, but some irritants included getting the lighting right, and making use of expression and tone of voice.