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Smartphone Popularity Contest

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I’ve been thinking of getting a new phone these days but with a college budget I don’t think its going to happen. So I wanted to see the different cultural effects of phone companies in Europe and the United States. I have all of the major phone companies like Apple, Samsung, HTC, Sony, LG, Motorola, Nokia, Blackberry. The pictures go in order from top to bottom as English, French, German. I predicted that in English Apple would be the highest. Apple doesn’t only pertain to Apple products though. It also contains actual red apples or maybe yellow ones so the word apple doesn’t just include iPhones but fruits too that’s why the graphs are skewed. In French, Sony has the lead. In German, LG has the lead. These make sense because Sony and LG are big company names that can’t be misled to think it’s a fruit. This could mean that Sony has a firm grip of product popularity in France or maybe the French like criticizing Sony so much that they had to write about it in books. Same goes for Germany and LG products. In both French and German, Apple came in second.  We can’t give apple fruits the entire credit for being so high though. There is some credit due to Apple, the company. They are one of the biggest technology company ever. They will continue to lead the revolution of Apple products taking over the world. Honestly, I was rooting for Samsung and was really bummed that they didn’t really make a dent in the word count, so word count doesn’t equal good popularity.