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The Future of News in the World of Tablets


(See http://features.journalism.org/files/2011/10/The-Tablet-Revolution-Graphic-9001.png for larger picture)

Captioned “The Tablet Revolution & the Future of News” this piece attempts to inform the reader of the new trend towards digitalization of news. To analyze the validity of the statistics shown I first visited the Pew Data Source (PDS) (link) website listed as the primary resource, and discovered that the PDS is a nonpartisan “fact tank” that conducts research projects to inform the public about the issues and trends shaping America. After scrolling through thirteen, in-depth, pages of analysis I found one titled “Methodology” (link2) where the site listed Princeton Data Source (link3), as the group that had collected the data. A thorough examination of their data collection methodology yielded the origin of the statistics. The Princeton Data Source uses random digit dialing and scientific sampling to create a pool of potential sources to be surveyed.

On its own, random digit dialing is generally looked down upon as a poor method of representing the population’s interests, specifically when samples as low as the ones used in this study are selected. However, combined with scientific sampling methods, the Princeton Data Source can select their applicant pool with algorithms that allow them to accurately represent the total population.

This info-graphic draws on sophisticated, non-partisan organizations that try to inform the public about a technological trend in America. For the reasons shown above, I believe it is a reliable resource.

On the other hand, not all info-graphics have such extensive research to back their statistics. A big influence in advertising today is money. Unfortunately, the most powerful groups in this respect are politically polarized or technologically competitive. As a result, many today can be misleading and may provide factually inaccurate claims as well as opinionated judgments.