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A Meaningful Life at a Glance



This image was taken from an article posted on a positive living website called “How to Live a Meaningful Life” by Susan K. Minarik. This image is both inspiring and empowering for many reasons. The use of earth, sun, and sky establish authority because they are much greater, more powerful, and more vast than humans. Firstly, the human hands create pathos because they allow the audience to relate to the person in the image. The hands serve many functions. Their position, pointing outward in the sky, resembles wings, which suggests flight. Flying often symbolizes freedom, detachment, and free-spiritedness, while reaching into the sky suggests  striving for success. The hands also seem to be cradling the sun, which suggests that one should be connected to and care for the earth and other people. It could also be argued that the hands are holding the sun in their palms, suggesting power or using the world’s resources, perhaps to make an impact on it. The sun’s brightness could symbolize brilliance and greatness, suggesting that one should emulate those qualities. Lastly, there is a plain open field that stretches into the horizon with nothing else in sight. This could suggest that one can write his or her own destiny because the world is like a blank page.

The article focuses on many of these points, so the image encapsulates the gist of it well, purely through its rhetoric. All of the different factors of the image discussed are all tied into the ideal that they contribute to what a meaningful life consists of. The words on the image give it a clear direction.