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Reddit.com and its Influence on the World

Reddit.com is one of the most influential websites today. It was created in 2005, and today, it brings in over 2 billion page views, 35 million users, and it contains over 100 thousand sub-reddits. Reddit works by allowing anyone with an account to post, comment, or vote on anything they want on the site. The way reddit operates is why it is one of the leaders of free speech on the internet. The posts are organized by categories called “sub-reddits” which contain a wide range of material on one specific subject. An example of this would be a sub-reddit for a television show such as Breaking Bad where users can discuss episodes, write fictional fantasies about the show, or even post original art. The use of Reddit is very common among high school and college students to organize and regroup thoughts, and it is a great tool for learning. There are quite a few sub-reddits on science, engineering, and how our world works that are very popular on the site. Though, users come to reddit from all around the world, the community on the site is very close-knit with very similar thoughts and views. Most of the time, the community feel is a good thing, but other times it can lead to bullying and misinformation. Reddit.com is one of the most influential websites out there today because of its devoted and consistent community-base. Continue reading Reddit.com and its Influence on the World

Jeremy Cai: Journalists Were Not Guilty

As Wikileaks exposed thousands of secret documents of government and revealed the surveillance or government on our private information, people panicked and started to think about the tradeoff between privacy and national security. There has been a fervent discussion over whether Edward Snowden is a traitor or a hero. However, some people put the blames on the journalists who wrote about the events and disseminate the confidential information. The existence of free press enables journalists to write about truths and facts without considering about the inconvenience caused to the subject of the press. Journalists should only be responsible for their own ethics and deliver the information that people otherwise would not know about. In a country hailing the importance of democracy, should we charge journalists of impeding the national security?

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Cable’s Upcoming Irrelevance


Cable’s relevance has been noticeably decreasing for the past four years due to the increase in popularity of streaming online. Streaming is so easy due to the hundreds of websites (some legal, some not) with databases of thousands of television shows and movies. While Cable has its perks, streaming is easier for the upcoming generation which makes buying a Cable subscription less important. Once Cable loses its monopoly on broadcasting sports and television shows in real time, streaming will be able to take over completely. The ease of streaming will soon lead to the irrelevance of Cable.

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