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Vatican proposes a change in viewpoint on gays?

The original source is an article from CNN about the possibility that the Vatican’s viewpoint about gays could be changing in the near future. The evidence in this article was a quote from a report that was released as a summary of the discussions within the Vatican this past week. However, it didn’t list a source, so I googled the quote and found it in an article on patheos. This article mentioned that the quote was from the Relatio, so I googled this as well. It led me to ZENIT The world seen from Rome and with the title “Synod14: Full Text of Relatio Post Disceptationem” before the original quote among other text from the same document. I then googled Relatio Post Disceptationem and found a website for the Bollettino with “Synod14 – Eleventh General Assembly: “Relatio post disceptationem” of the General Rapporteur, Card. Péter Erdő, 13.10.2014” as the page title. When I went to the homepage of the website I discovered that this was the official bulletin for the Holy See Press Office. This is when my search stopped because the official bulletin containing the updates within the Vatican seemed like a trustworthy source.

It was somewhat difficult to find the original source of information because it was an official document that was quoted many times. The original source was an update from the Vatican and the article I read was a both an informative article as well as a summary of the reactions occuring in the United States. Though the purposes of the sources of the information were different, the meaning of the quote did not change when used in each article. In addition, both sources were to inform the public about the change of the Vatican, and both sources do just that.