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How to do the Gangnam Style

Infographic: http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-xjdpxLmw4is/URql14iVxYI/AAAAAAAAABk/EqbhmGOntuI/s1600/GangnamStyleThe5BasicSteps_50b941fe62867.jpg

Original Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9bZkp7q19f0

The original source, as it says in the bottom of the infographic, is Youtube. However, Youtube can be a very broad source of information considering there are currently millions of videos present on that particular website. So, I am going to assume that the actual original source of information comes from the Gangnam music video itself, since it was the location where the dance first made an appearance. The infographic that is pictured here offers information through the use of words and pictures, which, in some ways, can be beneficial for slower learners who need guided steps in order to learn things. On the other hand, the video offers a few things that the infographic cannot. First I’ll state the obvious. The video offers a video. This is most beneficial for people who need to have the ability to physically see things being done in order to learn how to do them. By looking at the infographic, one can see the steps of the movements, but not the movements themselves. As a result, the dance could potentially be learned the wrong way depending on how someone interprets the given information. However, while the video may be fast paced, it is straightforward and easy to visualize. The infographic especially adds value to the information because it includes an outline that explains when to use each step in the dance throughout the song.  This is seen very clearly in the upper right corner of the infographic where it has the chorus written with each corresponding step listed above the phrase it goes with. Also, notice how the word “step” is written in red, making it easy to connect with other steps on the page. This would be a hard concept to learn or even memorize if a person is trying to do so simply by replaying the video several times. Overall, a combination of the two sources would be most effective if a person wants to learn how to do the Gangnam Style dance correctly and efficiently. The video should be watched first so that the movements are familiar to the person, and then he or she should use the infographic to figure out the details and the order of the steps, referencing the video when needed.