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Let’s put the ‘awe’ back in ‘awesome’

This is a presentation by Jill Shargaa, a comedian, about the misuse of the word awesome. In her presentation she discussed how people mistake the word awesome for words like nice, great, delicious and even thank you. She gave perfect examples of scenarios when awesome can be used based on the definition she gave.

In the time frame of 04:23 to 04:42 minutes of the presentation, she was discussing how ‘awesome’ landing on the moon is. Looking closely at the presentation within this time frame, Jill combined various multimodal elements to effectively convey her message.

Jill’s word choice was rather unethical. She used informal phrases like come on and are you kidding me to emphasized her point. This is an informal presentation so such phrases are allowed to relax the audience. Since Jill is a comedian, she yelled and prolonged certain phrases to make her presentation entertaining and to humor the audience.

Screen Shot 2014-11-17 at 5.25.01 PM

She also uses images and words to communicate her message through a slide show. In the image above she uses the sentence “Yes, awesome” to tell the audience that the moon landing was awesome. Her use of words was rather informal and satirical. The image above the text shows the 1969 moon landing, which was exactly what she was talking about, was awesome.

Screen Shot 2014-10-15 at 1.15.06 AM

In the image above the instance when she was yelling “landing on the moon come on!” She is kneeling and her hands are positioned like she is crying to the audience. She is trying to emphasize how ‘awesome’ the 1969 moon landing is. By putting herself in that position and yelling she is emphasizing how important that part of the presentation is. After she said ‘that’s from like here to the moon” she made a surprised facial expression to emphasize how far away the moon is from earth and to create a comical impression on the audience. This is noticed because after she did it, she waited to give the audience time to laugh before she returned to her presentation.

By combining all these various elements into her presentation, she created an informative yet comical presentation. She successfully conveyed her message to the audience and also created a relaxed atmosphere that left the audience in laughter.

Put the AWE in AWESOME

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Jill Shargaa explains how overused the word “awesome” has become. She goes to say that we use the word “awesome” to explain how our sandwich was. The dictionary describes the word “awe” as fear mingled with admiration. I don’t think sandwiches are worthy enough for my admiration and if it is then you really need to raise the bar on what you admire. She then goes into 10 things that deserve the word awesome. I will be explaining one of the topics she puts on her list.

I chose to analyze the time from 5:11- 5:31. She escalated her enthusiasm of the 10 things she believed deserved the word awesome. When she got to her shark topic, she was just so energetic which affected the crowd to also listen and be intrigued by what she was so excited to tell everybody. Her hand gestures were very prominent during the whole presentation. During the shark topic, she motioned her hands as the teeth of the shark to help visualize how awesome sharks regrowing their teeth were and how they were predators to be feared. Her facial expression also exemplified, if she was a shark, how the teeth would grow beside each other by showing her teeth. Her choices of topic were wide ranged so they encompassed most types of people who could try using the word awesome correctly. Her word choice was awesome because I admired, in fear of course, how smoothly she flowed to explain how to use the word awesome and to explain topics that deserve the word awesome. I feel that the meaning of the topic was well understood because it is a common word that everybody uses and Shargaa explains in a simple way so that everybody can understand. Her over exaggeration of hand movements and facial gestures also helped convey her topic in a more fun and entertaining way. This helps people be involved and listen to what Shargaa has to say. Her presentation had many pictures like a pecha kucha but a few words like “yes, awesome” or “not awesome.” This was simple to understand so people don’t have to read too much and have time to just listen to what she has to say. I feel I have typed the word awesome many times now.

Please, please, people. Let’s put the “awe” back in “awesome”