Enter the minds of Aiden and Michel, the two men that managed to turn something as freeflowing  and liberal as the English language into something so incredibly concrete and predictable. Aiden and Michel measure the trends of certain words in the English language and track their usage. Using this method, they can then predict just how the English language will evolve, and more specifically will be able to see just which words will still be around in say, a year from now. With enough data, they can even go as far as to predict exactly when it is a particular word will be phased out with surprising accuracy.

Aiden and Michel also pioneer the use of irregular verbs that take on a vowel change to signify a tense change and how they still have managed to coexist with the more simple verbs that take on suffixes to signify a tense change. After careful research, they determined that the irregular verbs are a remnant of a language from nearly 12,000 years ago. This makes sense, as English came from this language, as did a number of other languages. As a result, the data that Aiden and Michel have collected here could very easily be applied to every other language that came form the mother language which is a rather huge breakthrough.

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