Maybe Snowden Isn’t That Bad


The article “Switzerland May Take Edward Snowden in Return for Testimony on Spying” talks about a recent event where U.S. fugitive Edward Snowden would be granted safe passage to Switzerland in exchange for helping work on an important Swiss legal case. Swiss authorities state that his addition to the case team would be a huge help because of his extensive experience in the legal and intelligence gathering field. Switzerland also would not comply with a U.S. extradition request should he be accused of treason or divulging state secrets.
This article shows that Snowden is a man of great experience and despite the reputation he has acquired among those in the United States, he is still viewed in the world with a fairly positive light. To further reinforce this point, German officials also wanted to invite Snowden into their country, but had to refuse him due to a possible clash with the United States asking for his extradition. In fact, the picture above is of German protesters in Berlin, holding up signs to “Welcome Snowden” and the like.
It was rather easy for Snowden to find asylum in another country, and there’s a good chance that he will find asylum in many more due to the fact that a lot of countries want to hear what he has to say. A lot of countries want to know if the American NSA has been doing anything shady within foreign borders, and though it is technically treason for him to speak out, if he’s in another country nobody can really stop him from doing it.

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  1. It is interesting how varied people’s opinions of Snowden have become. Immediately after he fled from the United States I can imagine it was more difficult for him to find refuge, and only those who really didn’t care about how the US would react were taking him in. I think now that time has passed, more and more countries are looking towards the option of allowing Snowden passage because there are other direct benefits to having him in their country. The NSA has made a worldwide scene and many governments will want to know and understand more about what they are collection and how to stop it within their borders.

    1. Exactly. National security is very important to every country in the world, and having people in your country possibly collecting sensitive data about your country is most definitely a threat to national security. Snowden knows it all, and now many nations in the world want to know what he knows.

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