The article shows Google as this villain or bad guy. They say that Google “exploits” us and that it takes a “free ride”. One issue with this is that Google is not just a company but it is an accumulation of thousands of people working together. To more emphasis the multiple perspectives Google takes, employees are required to work on projects on their own that could not have corrupt input. This makes Google a diverse company trying to filter through as many ideas as possible without a strict goal to their research. This makes it next to impossible for Google to be a company that is trying to googlize everyone, but more a company that has found a way to provide great services go customer instead of charging the customer for the service they charge them for information and then sell that to companies.

Of those services that Google supplies are, maps, the search engine, mail, and many others. Just to go into one Google maps is a very useful service that allows you to get direction and give you an estimated time based on current traffic condition. It is also able to give you routs for public transportation and give you the time of the next train or bus. This example is to show that the services that Google provided would easily be worth a subscription package, but by Google recording our information they are able to make this service free.

One thought on “Googlization”

  1. I agree that the author is very one sided in his argument, somewhat to the detriment of the selection in my opinion. The way he structured the reading feels like he would be rather stubborn in accepting a different viewpoint on the matter. I also like the idea of these free services being ‘paid for’ by our data. It is a cool idea and is probably the actual thought that Google has when designing how some new feature is going to make them money.

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