Why we need NASA

Pecha-Kucha Presentation by Norris Nicholson


I have had a strong interest in space my entire life. Perhaps because of my parents, or perhaps because it is something that I thoroughly enjoy. Regardless, choosing a topic was fairly easy because I am passionate about the space program. Overall, the presentation was not that difficult to produce and I enjoyed researching the effects that it had on US culture. I split the presentation up into 20 parts and tailored each to the image that was to be displayed.

ShuttleThis image works well with my presentation because I discuss how the space program is viewed as impractical and unproductive towards society. The image above helps to show the audience the magnificence of the program, in contrast to my description of public perception. The idea here is to highlight the public’s idea of what space is, versus the magnificence the program can bring. As such, this image appeals to pathos in the audience.

Another Image in the presentation that appeals to pathos is the following picture of Space Mountain in Disney World.

Space MountianMany people have been to Disney World and, assumably, most of them remember it with pleasant memories. This slide is important to the overall presentation because it relates the effects of the space program to the memories that many of us experienced as children. Personally, every time I see Space Mountain I remember it with nothing but fond memories. The architecture of space mountain was a direct influence of the space program, and this fact is effect at linking it with each member of the audience. While there are many many other examples of space culture to choose from, Space Mountain offers a solid and emotional linkage from the space program to the lives of the audience.

Similarly, the slide that contained this image appealed to our connection with the space program:

CircutBecause so much of our modern computational technology originated with the space program, computers seemed like a logical place to connect the audience with the space program. Many of us (if not all) are dependent on computers in everyday life. By linking computers with the space program’s R&D, a logical linkage between the presentation and audience can be made.

Finally, the last slide in the presentation evokes a sense of excitment in those who see it.

StationBy highlighting the beauty of space, and the wonder that shadows it, a large emotional connection to the program can form. This slide was timed so that it was present when I made a final claim about the importance of the space program as it relates to the world of tomorrow. This image effectively conveys my argument because of the stark contrast between the beautiful blue planet and the small space station, suggesting that space is the next step in human exploration.

The presentation was both interesting and exciting for me to produce, and I made a solid attempt to support my argument with both facts from my speech and visual appeals to emotion through the images in each slide.

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