Why to Have a Large Mass Transit System


When this project was assigned I immediately thought of two things I am passionate about, sports, and civil engineering. I decided that it would be interesting to look at my home town as well, so I was left with two options talk about the Cubs or the ‘L’ (which is ironically the way I get to cubs games). I choose the ‘L’ and to compare it to Marta. I noticed right when I arrived at Tech the huge differences between these two systems, and was interested in how they affect the cities they are in.


This slide allowed me to show a lot of information about how these two systems impact their respective cities without having to show a whole page of numbers. The only numbers on here are minute values that are also represented visually. This slide allowed me to show the impacts larger mass transit has on ridership, pollution, and commute time, some of the big parts of my claim, all on one slide.


This slide is not as integral to the argument that I am making, but I think it is worth including because of it’s shock factor. We consider ourselves to be living in a big fairly crowed city, and we think of Chicago much the same way. However, as this graph shows us, neither of these cities are very dense at all, it should get the viewer thinking that if mass transit works in a city as spread out as Chicago, imagine how effective it could be in¬†¬†Mumbai, the densest city.

One thing I was not able to address during the presentation, although I able to answer a question afterwards in class, is how Atlanta could improve their mass transit. This is something I wish I could have gone into more, as I find this problem much more interesting. However, their is really no one good solution as any I would present would cost more money than most tax payers would be willing to spend. Nevertheless, I would start by creating a commuter rail service that would allow commuters in the suburbs to take the train to work. This would look something like the Metra in Chicago, which many professionals, my dad included, take into the city every day. Atlanta is already a freight rail hub, and could use this to their advantage by expanding already existing infrastructure.

I tried to choose a topic that was able to incorporate my interests with the themes of this class, and I believe I was able to do this by researching and presenting information on a topic that has the potential to change our everyday lives.

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