Trekker and Exploration Pecha Kucha Recording and Reflection


During this slide, I was discussing how I got trapped on the side of Mt. Madison. I used this picture of my map to show approximately where I got lost, and how I close I was to getting down below tree line, and back to my car.  


During this slide, I was discussing how the conditions worsened as time went on. I took this picture climbing up Mt. Washington. It also serves as a great illustration of how there isn’t always a distinct trail when above treeline. During my presentation, I described how at times the trail was only marked by small piles of rocks, this showed that.

In my pecha kucha, I didn’t effectively utilize most of my images as part of my presentation. My presentation would have been about the same if I didn’t have them. Most of them where simply illustrations of key words that came up during that section of my narration. However I think I used the pictures most effectively while I was talking about my own experiences because they were pictures I took and they showed the sort of conditions and terrain that I experienced.

I decided to do my pecha kucha on google trekker and why humans feel the need to explore because I had been asking myself that question recently. I went backpacking alone for four days over fall break, and my friend kept asking me why I was going, they said it was dangerous and I could hurt and stranded in the middle of the woods. I agreed with them, and went anyways, and thought the whole trip about why I wanted to go. After I got back, I still didn’t quite have an answer, so I ended up doing a bunch of research on the subject, and decided to use it as the topic of my pecha kucha.

For my presentation, I scripted about two thirds of it, and did the rest on the spot. The part I left unscripted was where I shared my own personal near death experience. I thought it would come across as more genuine if I didn’t script it, but I think I should have had some structure, such as bullet points of topics for each slide because I quickly got off track with the pictures in my slides.

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