I found this kind of visual way of presenting an agreement to be interesting. It introduces new challenges for putting your argument forth but also gives new ways to show your point. The largest challenge I found was that because on the time restraint I had to skip interest fact or details for a specific slide. An example of this was that during the slide with Clay Mathews I had prepared a joke about how I was going to use a picture of myself but decided against it. There was also more information about how good Harry Carrson and Carl Banks were, but I did not have time to go into their statistics. This would have helped some of my claims about how Lawrence Taylor did not do it all himself. The time limit also prevented me from using more examples about how lineman and defensive players have become faster. The advantage of a visual presentation is that some pictures speak for themselves. The one with Clay Mathews I did not have to make an argument that he was strong you could just see it in his body. The visual element also allowed to include some of the new defensive blitz that have emerged into football and show how they take advantage of the speed and agility of players instead of just their force. I wish I did spend more time preparing the speech it was much more difficult than I expected with the slide switching automatically. I still think standard presentations are better ways of relaying information to people, but this did show how effective spoken words with pictures could be and that the bullet points on power points are usually unnecessary. For the argument it could have used more organization. I originally thought that splitting up the defensive players would allow me to go more in detail about how no large change in salary has happened to any particular position, but thinking back that point was not very important to the argument and I could have done without out it. I also would have liked to spend more time talking about “The Blind Side” since this is a very good introduction to a topic that not many people are informed or even interested in. Even with the things I would like to change about the presentation style and mine in specific I was happy with the assignment and my final result.

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