Jeremy: Pecha Kucha Reflection

Being able to make a good presentation is definitely one of the most important skills that we have to possess in our life. However, in order to do that, making a good presentation that can help us deliver ideas is essential.

The challenge that I had during the preparation for Pecha Kucha was that I could not easily construct my script because I decided to find all the pictures needed before I thought about what I wanted to talk about in the presentation. After the workshop during the class I received many useful tips from my classmates and then I restarted the process and constructed my script first. Another challenge for me was that it was really hard for me to find a specific topic to talk about, because the topics I came up with were all too broad to be covered in a two minutes and thirty seconds presentation. Making the topic small and digging deeper into one specific subject is going to make a presentation more enjoyable and in-depth.

JR is one of my favorite artists because of his unique way of expression. I first knew about him by seeing him in one of the movies I watched on a flight. By posting huge portraits of human faces on different walls, or even roofs, he was able to deliver his claims implicitly that we should stand up for what we care for. The use of internet and information technology have definitely helped him share his arts with the world because internet serves as a medium where people would comment on and share different art pieces.

Screen Shot 2014-11-01 at 12.02.58 PM

In order to make a good presentation, I think we should minimize the information available on the slide because we want audiences to focus on the things the speaker is talking about. If too much information is shown on the slide, audiences will tend to read what appears on the screen instead of paying enough attention, or audiences will just lose their interests. On this picture, I chose the photo which has huge eyes as the main focus, while on the top of them the word “Shocks” were typed in white in order to emphasize one of the rhetorical strategies the artist used. The best way to show audiences what kind of effects art will have is to visually show them what the art looks like in real life. This picture enables the audiences to know more about the effects of visual arts without me elaborating ineffectively about its effects.



2Screen Shot 2014-11-01 at 12.03.18 PM

In order to make a smooth transition from his art and the effects of using Internet, I created a connection between two transition slides by including the same art project for the second time in the second slides. That presents the abrupt transition between different topics and visually demonstrates the relationship between JR’s arts and the use of Internet. From the perspective of audiences, we could better understand the influence Internet would have because the screenshot is very similar to the normal webpage we would see from day to day.


Even though the preparation for this project was really time-consuming, I’m really happy that I eventually understood the importance of being specific on one topic and overcame the fear to present in front of a crowd. If I were to do this presentation again, I would try not to use script and practice even more to be confident on the stage.



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