Internet Feedback — Pecha Kucha

I chose the topic of Internet Feedback originally when I noticed the increase in “funny” and satirical comments that showed up in my personal Facebook feed as well as the number of humorous comments that started showing up on various YouTube videos. I decided that I wanted to research this further in order to have a good understanding of what actually causes this behavior online. Similarity, the question that I was, “what affects all types of internet feedback?” Based on what I researched, my final argument was that internet feedback was mostly determined by two things: site structure and content.

At the start of my presentation, I showed this image as an example of how site structure can dramatically impact the feedback content that people leave on the site. In November of 2013, YouTube changed the comment structure dramatically and as a result people started copying and pasting the “Bob” comment in many videos. The simple change in site structure caused a major stir in the online community and thus the feedback that people leave on the site was strongly influenced.

I used this slide towards the end of my presentation to contrast how not only the site structure affects the feedback given but also that the content plays a huge part in internet feedback. For most of the presentation, a “scientific” or factual post was analyzed across three different sites to have a “control” factor. On previous slides, I discussed the three main categories of content that exists on the web: fun, fact and news. Internet content can fall into any one of those three categories or be a combination of them. From analyzing Reddit posts, the scientific post that was analyzed mainly induced long comments that contributed to an actual discussion. On the other hand, the cat picture had mostly trivial comments that were more often only one line long and was aimed more towards making a funny statement than actually participating in a discussion.

Throughout the pecha kucha making process, I brainstormed many ideas regarding the topic of my pecha kucha. It started with analyzing  why people might post funny comments onto a Facebook image and how the web has evolved to a place where simple text forums are gone and people start using the social web for entertainment purposes. That topic was hard to narrow down into a concise argument so I changed that to how people comment across different sites. Analyzing the comments across different sites is highly subjective and is very time consuming so to narrow the scope, I decided to focus only on the differences in the amount and type of feedback that people leave on certain posts related to factual or scientific content.

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