Information Technology In Automobiles

Pecha Kucha Reflection

I chose this topic: “Information Technology in Automobiles,” specifically because I am personally interested in the car industry, and I thought that I could find a lot of relevant pictures about this topic. I didn’t want to choose a topic that would be hard to accumulate images, but I also wanted to present something that I’m interested in.  I developed my argument around how big data is changing the way people drive and interact with their vehicles. I think that big data is beginning to create a whole new type of vehicle on the road, which will enhance the driving experience and keep people safer.

Originally, I wasn’t sure on how to begin the process for creating this presentation, because of the tricky timing between narration and slides. I decided to focus on a few main points, and find pictures for those points before I began writing a script. While reflecting, I think this was the best decision, because my images were incorporated well into my presentation, and it also helped me stay on topic with my script. In order to find the images, I tried to assemble pictures that showed examples, such as the driver fatigue system shown below. If that was not possible, I tried to enhance my argument with strong graphs or figures. Basically, for every slide, I not only wanted to incorporate the images in my talk, I wanted to enhance the argument I was making by incorporating these images.

Driver fatigue




One thing I did to help with the 20 second timing, was to set up my script in separate paragraphs so that I know where i need to be when following the pages. This helped me make sure i finish at the right time, and I also wanted to make sure I didn’t spend over 20 seconds on a slide, therefore I can express every image instead of disregarding some. When rehearsing my initial script, I found things to be very fast paced and quick. Therefore, I shortened a lot of lines and paragraphs, so that I would have breathing room for the presentation. This took a lot of patience and timings, which was a lot harder than I had anticipated.



The scheming that went into making this pecha kucha really helped me with my presenting skills, because you have to keep everything precise and strong in 20 seconds or less. This was unlike anything I had ever worked on before, and I learned a lot about presenting because of it. If I had another chance to do a pecha kucha, I believe that I would try to work without a complete script. When I was presenting, I felt like I was staring down way to much and not interacting with the audience. I would set up note cards in order to highlight key terms and sentences, but I would try to communicate more with the audience in order to be more engaging.

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