The Positive Impact of Steroids on the MLB


I found it easy to come up with a topic for my Pecha-Kucha. Since baseball is my favorite sport, I thought it would be fun and easy to just focus on the MLB. Trying to make my joy fit into the topic of this class was a little more difficult though. Eventually, I decided to make my Pecha-Kucha on how steroids had a positive effect on Major League Baseball. I made this choice because I could use data prove my point and I was able to talk about how the American culture somewhat ignored the issue.

Making a P-K was easier than just putting together a slideshow or just writing an essay. The two working together allowed me to use both to get my argument across better. I didn’t have to go into as much detail on some topics because a picture was there to help me explain it. I started my Pecha-Kucha by writing a script. Once I got the script to about 6:40, I started practicing the script and marking where I was in the script every twenty seconds. Then, I chose a picture that I thought best represented the topic I was talking about during those twenty second intervals. I feel like my web presentation was better than my in class presentation. In class, I was nervous for some reason so I ended up talking faster which threw off the timing of my slides. That led to a picture of a snail on the screen when I was talking about nothing to do with snails. I was able to better monitor my time and speak at a better pace on the web presentation. My web presentation didn’t finish in the time that I wanted it to, but overall, I believe it was slightly better.

This picture allowed me to show a couple of the points that I made. It appeared when I was talking about slugging percentagRuth did it on hotdogs & beere; I was hoping that it would indicate that these players were putting up crazy numbers with PEDs, whereas Babe Ruth was putting up the same numbers the right way. An unintended consequence of this picture was that it showed how fans didn’t support the use of steroids, yet they still showed up to games and filled the league’s pockets.

I believe the following picture is the most influential picture in my whole presentation. It shows the MLB’s all-time home run leaders, and it shows the players suspected of PED use in red. This picture assists me by showing that the most impressive numbers were put up during the steroid era. What I like most about this picture is that it allows the audience to quickly see the players suspected of PED use and how successful their careers were; that was helpful because I didn’t need to elaborate on a topic that could be summed up in 15 seconds.

All-time HR Leaders

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