Zionism has gone to far


Injustice has always existed in this world. An ever pervasive enemy of true humanity itself, it takes shape when one person or group feels so incredulously proud of their own humanity that they see particular groups of people as less than human. The results of this way of thinking are often horrifying, resulting in the very least a great loss in human rights and freedoms, and more often than not human lives are lost shortly thereafter. Organizations such as the United Nations have been created to finally put an end to human injustice and as a result, cases of human injustice have begun to decrease in volume. However, one particularly major form of human injustice still remains in this world, a case that was a side effect of one of the United Nations’ first policies, Zionism.

Zionism is a topic that has been on the forefront of world debate for well over a half a century. In short, Zionism is the belief that the Jewish people should have a country to call their own in the area that was at the time of the idea’s inception, Palestine, an Arab Muslim country. The Jews had been continually oppressed for millennia, their history of persecution ranging as far back as to the days of the Roman Empire. After the Holocaust, the newly formed UN felt that the Jewish people had suffered for long enough under ruler after ruler that would continue to mistreat them, so it decided to split Palestine into the old Muslim nation and the new Jewish state, which took up the name of Israel.

These two nations could not coexist in harmony however, and the Muslim nation soon struck out against the Jewish state. With Western support, the Jewish state defended valiantly, and even went as far as to occupy additional Palestinian land before the war came to a close. Israel was defending itself from a foreign nation, and was well within its right to fight back.


As time went on, Israel attacked Palestine in multiple rapid fire wars, eventually relying on nothing more than a claim that the very existence of Palestine threatens Israel’s own existence and in order for Israel to be safe it has to constantly be at war with Palestine. This belief makes Israel no longer sound like the noble defender but more like a barbaric attacker, exactly what they claim their enemy to be.


To put it into perspective, with every war Israel has taken more and more land from Palestine. As Israel continues to seize more land statistics show that nearly 10 times as many Palestinians are being killed in these wars when compared to Israelis, and this stat hold true for Palestinian children as well. Also, with western backing it’s almost intuitive that Israel’s armed forces are much more advanced and regimented when compared to that of the Palestinians’ who even lack a form of a dedicated leader.

no more nice guy

Israel hides behind the event of an occasional Palestinian revolt and broadcasts it worldwide, painting it as yet another Palestinian act of aggression and a reason to oppress the Palestinians even more than they were previously, as depicted in the picture above. What Israel doesn’t broadcast is its every day oppression and deportation of Palestinian citizens, what much of the UN considers today to be a war crime on multiple fronts. Of particular note is Resolution 904: “…‘strongly condemns’ the massacre in Hebron and its aftermath which took the lives of more than 50 Palestinian civilians and injured several hundred others.” The UN went out of its way to paint Israel’s actions on the world stage as a massacre. “Barbaric aggressors” don’t get massacred by the people they are claimed to be ruthlessly attacking. The acts of Palestinian aggression (if they can even called such) in reality stack up to be fewer, further between, and much smaller in magnitude. Palestine is by no means the aggressor in any situation described above, so how is it that Israel can still hide behind this fake belief of being threatened? More importantly how can the rest of the world stand idly by while Israel continues its unjust persecution? Does Israel not realize that its very creation was to end all fronts of persecution?


Israel cuts deeper into Palestinian territory every day, erecting Israeli “settlements” in the wake of its troops (settlements graph). Israel has currently established nearly three hundred settlements on what is recognized by the United Nations as Palestinian land, while the Palestinians have not constructed a single one of these “settlements” on Israeli territory. In order to construct these settlements, the Israeli government has torn down thousands of homes belonging to Palestinian citizens (home destruction graph). The displaced Palestinians are deported to Jordan or Lebanon shortly after; Israel claims them to be illegal aliens of the (new) Israeli settlement. There are currently multiple UN resolutions targeting Israel for the unjust deportation of Palestinians from what is in essence their own country, along with further UN resolutions reprimanding the action of creating settlements on Palestinian land, which the UN views as illegal settlements. Israel continues to ignore the UN’s pleas for Palestinian relief to this day, even going as far as to consider the four largest settlements true Israeli cities that are entirely a part of the state of Israel, not Palestine.

In total, there are currently 77 UN resolutions targeting Israel, however the UN fails to do anything about it. Israel continues to oppress and take more land from the Palestinians every single day while most of the rest of the world seems to turn a blind eye about it. How can the UN ignore such a debacle? Evidence lies in a recent UN vote on admitting Palestine into the UN.


During the voting process for Palestine’s acceptance into the UN, the United States and its closest allies openly voted against Palestine’s admittance into the UN. The UN was created to promote worldwide cooperation between every country in the world in order to help preserve what the majority of the world can agree to be basic human rights. The only real prerequisite to be a member of the UN is to be recognized by the world as a legitimate, sovereign state. The fact that the United States and its allies openly voted against Palestine’s admittance can easily be seen as refusing to acknowledge Palestine as a country. In short, the United States and its allies do not think that Palestine is a true country on this planet. Every country that exists on this planet is and should be a part of the UN, and the fact that there are countries that feel Palestine shouldn’t be part of the UN, then those countries also feel that Palestine doesn’t even exist.


America in particular continues to support Israel in its constant “struggle” against the Palestinian “aggressors”, believing that they are still a threat to Israel and the rest of the world. The U.S. sends 8.8 million dollars a year to Israel in money and advanced war supplies. That’s nearly 4 times as much money as the U.S. sends to any other country in the world. The United States has always had the reputation of spear heading every UN operation since the creation of the organization. The US has led UN incursions all across the Middle East righteously. However, what happens when the leader of the UN is the biggest supporter of a problem that the UN is attempting to rectify? This dilemma is the single reason that the Palestinians continue to suffer. One might even go as far as to say that the U.S. wants to see the Palestinians oppressed. Being the most influential country in the world, if the U.S. continues to support Palestinian oppression, there is a very good chance that it will never end.

It’s clear that Zionism has gone too far. Noam Chomsky, professor at MIT, even goes as far to say as “It’s not war, its murder.” Thinking about the conflict that way bring some unsettling feelings. The Israelis use advanced attack planes and artillery to attack a population that doesn’t even have a clearly defined leader of all things. Sixty years ago the world called the outright massacring of people the Holocaust. In the 21st century it has taken on a new name: Modern Zionism.

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